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  • Lurie, Jos
    The scope of this catalogue is more-or-less confined to the most symmetrical polyhedra exemplified by the socalled Platonic solids (the five convex forms each of which consists ofaset of identical regular polygon faces) and ...
  • Phillips, James I.; Rees, David; Murray, Jill; Davies, John C.A. (InTech, )
    South Africa is a uniquely mineral rich country. Of the six types of asbestiform minerals found in the country, three, namely crocidolite, amosite and chrysotile were mined and milled on a large commercial scale. Asbestos ...
  • Lurie, Jos (1973)
    The thesis for which a doctorate was awarded by Rhodes University at the beginning of 1974 was: "The Pilanesberg:Geology, Geochemistry and Economic Potential" and it forms a substantial part (65%) of this account. Some of ...
  • Verhoef, Grietjie (Oxford University Press, )
    The Cape of Good Hope was the supply station of the Dutch Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie ( VOC ), but was transferred to Britain in 1803 after the defeat of Napoleon. Between 1803 and 1806, the Cape was under the control ...
  • Bosch, Anita (South African Board for People Practices (SABPP), )
    It is my pleasure to bring you the SABPP Women’s Report for the third time. The 2013 edition of the report contains chapters aimed at encouraging concerted action and creating political awareness. The focal chapter of ...
  • Lurie, Jos
    Much of the material of this book was prepared over a period commencing more than a decade ago and, while a few instances have considered publishing it commercially, the cost in relation to the potential market have been ...
  • Van der Westhuizen, Gert J.; Maseko, L.; Van Lelyveld, K.; Kakoma, Luneta; Ramnarain, Umesh; De Beer, J. (The Examination and Assessment Board/Gauteng Department of Education/University of Johannesburg, )
    This summary report includes a) a summary of findings across subjects, b) the main findings from each subject area analysis, and c) a background section which describes the purpose, rationale and research approach.

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