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  • Ras, Charl John (2003)
    In this thesis we study some of the propertie of a clas called automatic structures. Automatic structures are structures that can be encoded (in some defined way) into a set of regular languages. This encoding allows one ...
  • Dorfling, Michael Jacobus (1999-02)
    The aim of the thesis is to develop game-theoretic techniques for dealing with common problems in model theory, mainly that of showing logical equivalence between structures, and to illustrate the effectiveness of the ...
  • Hattingh, Johannes Hendrik (1985)
    Please refer to full text to view abstract
  • Van Staden, Anna Maria (2012-05-22)
    Recently there has been renewed interest in proof and proving in schools worldwide. However, many school students and even teachers of mathematics have only superficial ideas on the nature of proof. Proof is considered ...
  • Van Drimmelen, Govert Cornelis (2003)
    This dissertation describes the solution toa specific logical problem, the satisfiability problem, in a logic of games called Alternating-time Temporal Logic (ATL). Computation Tree Logic (CTL) is a discrete branching-time ...
  • Van Wyk, Gertruida Petronella (2004)
    An overview of the process of mathematical logic's growth is depicted in this dissertation. Man began at the very beginning, distinguishing only between truth and falsity (a huge leap in those days, and definitely one in ...
  • Schamm, Rainer Franz (2002)
    This short dissertation is intended to give a brief account of the history and current state of affairs in the field of study called 'Zero-one Laws'. The probability of a property P on a class of finite relational structures ...

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