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N.J. van Warmelo Collection

N.J. van Warmelo Collection


This valuable anthropological collection was donated to the Library and Information Centre in 1997. Dr. Van Warmelo was an anthropologist-linguist of international standing. A prolific writer, he published 29 books (12 as co-author) and 25 scientific articles (two as co-author). During his term as Government Ethnologist (1930-1969), the Ethnological Section published 44 monographs, 20 written by Van Warmelo himself, recording ethnographical and ethno-historical data on the Black peoples of South Africa and Namibia. Facts are presented in an unadorned, oral-history type style, recording the verbatim information of the spokesperson with a translation and an interpretation. His extensive personal library includes these monographs, his own magnum opus, Anthropology of Southern Africa in periodicals to 1950, and books in numerous Black and some European languages. The rest of the Collection consists of artifacts, e.g. beautiful beadwork, now historical photographs then taken in situ, microfiches, negatives, files containing ethnological data and working material used in the compilation of the Van Warmelo dictionaries, etc.

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