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  • Unknown
    Sangfees, 1984.
  • Unknown
    A further installment of R10 000 of the SANLAM donation of R100 000 to the University handed over by the managing director of Sanlam, Mr. Pepler Scholtz. SANLAM has already given R70 000 to the university. On the photo ...
  • Unknown
    A scene from RAU-Jolyt - one of many theatre productions staged by the Rand Afrikaans University
  • Unknown
    School principals and career guidance teachers from West Rand high schools visit the university. F.l.(front) A. Heiberg, P.S. de Wit, F.J. Coetzee and J. Cronje (public relations officer, RAU), prof. G. van N. Viljoen (rector), ...
  • Unknown
    Secretaries of the Trust Fund and of Birchleigh Building, Johannesburg
  • Beukes, N. J.
    Sedimentology is a young profession which started to develop into maturity about 25 years ago, mainly through incentives from the petroleum industry which applies the science in exploration to and production of natural oil ...
  • Unknown
    The annual gholf tournament took place at the Rand Park Club. The RAU Alumni team won the tournament. Seef le Roux, Captain of the die Alumni gholf team with the trophy.
  • Pelser, H. S.
    The main theme of this inaugural lecture is that classical (biblical) Hebrew cannot be studied without taking due cognisance of the other Semitic languages (Accadian or Babylonian-Assyrian, Arabic, Aramic, Ugaritic, Syriac ...
  • Unknown
    Senator J. de Klerk, Minister of Education, Art, Science and Information reading a welcoming letter which miss C.S. Potgieter typed on an automatic punching machine.
  • Unknown
    Senior officials of the South African Transport Services visited the RAU and enjoyed lunch as guests of the rector. Dr. B. Grové who will take over as general manager of the South African Transport Services at the beginning ...
  • Unknown
    A number of senior staff members of the Old Mutual visited the RAU. In the photo they appear in the company of mr. J.F. Cronje before the group was taken on a guided tour of the new campus.
  • Unknown
    The seven deans in 1982. From l. to r. prof. J. Heidema (Natural Sciences), prof. J.D. van Wyk (Engineering), prof. P.J. Maree (Education), prof. Anna F. Steyn (Arts), prof. D.A. Pauw (Student dean), prof. G.L. de Wet ...
  • Krige, H. L.
    A remarkable diversity in concepts of the human mind dominated psychological theory and practice through the ages. In contemporary perspective, different theories concerning the structure of the mind characterize the modern ...
  • Schoeman, W. J.
    Since its establishment, psychology has developed phenomenally. Yet, everyone who is acquainted with the corpus of knowledge in psychology, realizes that the discipline cannot provide clear answers to most questions on ...
  • Unknown
    At a Sociology Conference held during March 1969 at RAU, f.l.to r. Prof. J.B. du Toit from the University of the Western Cape,Prof. Anna F. Steyn from RAU and Prof. N. Rhoodie from the University of Pretoria.
  • Die Transvaler
    Some of the dignitaries attending the official opening of the Rand Afrikaans University on 24 February 1968: from left to right: Dr. Carel de Wet, Prof. G.van N. Viljoen, Dr. Nic Diederichs, and Dr. P.J. Meyer
  • Case, Michael James
    Recent years have seen radical changes in the South African education system, and as a result the number of school-leavers aspiring to tertiary education has increased dramatically. These school-leavers have needs, aspirations ...
  • Unknown
    The South African Sociological Association's annual conference took place on 28 January 1971 at the University. The theme of the conference was: Sociology and Immigration. The conference was opened by the Rector, prof. G. ...
  • Oosthuizen, A. J. G.
    Urbanisation is a worldwide phenomenon taking place with increased rapidity, and this caused urban places to become foci of academic interest. Several theories of urban development, based on human locational behaviour, ...
  • Unkown
    Staff members of the Institute for Urban Studies looking at one of their recent research reports. Front: Prof. A.J.G. Oosthuizen, director of the Institute, and Dr. C.F. Swart, senior researcher. Back: Prof. C. de Coning ...

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