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  • Unknown
    Vader Claerhout in geselskap van Biskop Orsmond tydens die opening van 'n uitstalling van skilderye van Vader Claerhout by die RAU.
  • Unknown
    The History Department received a valuable donation of books and other writings from the son and daughter of the internationally-renowned paleontologist Dr. E.C.N. van Hoepen. In the picture are Dr. Johan Fourie, leader ...
  • Francisco-la Grange, F. H.
    In this lecture arguments in respect of the distinct nature of social work as a discipline and a profession are exemplified with special attention to: a differential view of social problems providing for various client ...
  • De Swardt, G. H.
    Senescence of plant tissues, or phytogerontology, is the decline in, and eventual cessation of, the functional abilities shown by mature cells, tissues, organs or organisms. It is a complex process and several hypotheses ...
  • Unknown
    Mev. I.M. Miles van die Kaapse Provinsiale Administrasie het namens die Nursing Curricula Association in S.A." 'n seminaar by die RAU gelei oor die onderwerp "A new look for nursing". Op die foto kan 'n klompie van die ...
  • Unknown
    Die groepie verpleegkunde studente wat die Diensgelofte afgelê het, 1982. Links is prof. M.C. van Huyssteen, voorsitster van die Dept. Verpleegkunde, en regs Dr. Trina Fölscher, senior lektor.
  • Kapp, P. H.
    General History normally forms 50% of all history syllabi in South African schools and universities. The term is generally used to refer to the history of Western Civilization and its contact with, and impact on other ...
  • Aucamp, P.
    The success of a university library service depends on the quality of the library material made available to its users. The expansion of its collection is therefore of vital importance, for unless it is systematically ...
  • Van der Merwe, S. W. J.
    Legal concepts should never be completely divorced from their origin, even if such origin falls outside the scope of a socalled pure theory of law. For this reason the jurist can only fully grasp the concept of insurance ...
  • Loubser, J. G. H.
    Man's material prosperity in this supertechnological age is to a very large extent the result of the phenomenal growth and change in transportation which commenced with the practical application of mechanical traction ...
  • Unknown
    Verwelkoming van die eerstejaarstudente en hulle ouers, 1982. Die Studentedekaan, prof. Anton Pauw aan die woord.
  • Unknown
    The Vice Chancellor, Prof G.van N. Viljoen, presents the Chancellor, Dr. N. Diederichs, with a set of commemoration medals during the official opening of the Rand Afrikaans University on the 24th of February 1968
  • Unknown
    The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. G. van N. Viljoen, addresses the first full-time students of the Rand Afrikaans University on the 13th of February 1968
  • Unknown
    The Vice-Chancellor of the Rand Afrikaans University posing with Prof. K. Köhnke en Dr. H. Stielau in the library with the German students.
  • Unknown
    The 'Vier Troebadoers', Buks van Heerden, Dirk Wissing, Neels Botha en Andries Breytenbach.
  • Unknown
    The photo was taken during a RAU island visit by mr. R.S. de la Bat, vice-rector (Operations), and mr. Koos Roets, during September 1973, with officials from the Dept. of Water Affairs.
  • Kotzé, J. C.
    If ethnic units (or "volke") are to be the object of study or the starting point of explanation for everything else in the field of Anthropology nothing, man included, is explained. The understanding of man can fruitfully ...
  • Mönnig, H. O.
    Anthropology, being a study of peoples and of their cultures, makes use of two broad methods of approach: a descriptive method, and a comparative or theoretical method. These are fully complementary, and equal attention ...
  • Köhnke, Klaus
    This lecture gave a short survey of the different approaches to literature by German academics since the nineteenth century. Chronologically, their aims were shortly as follows: the reconstruction of reliable texts; the ...
  • Schoonbee, H. J.
    To the man in the street the name Biology generally implies a science of classification and of a study of the anatomy of animals and plants. During the past decade much has happened in the field of biological sciences to ...

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