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The radiographer is an important member of the medical team, responsible for using complex and expensive equipment. There are five different fields of study in radiography, these including the following: DIAGNOSTICS In the diagnostic radiography discipline the radiographer is trained to position the patient correctly, so as to record the relevant positions, conditions and functions of the different anatomical structures and organs on film or other media. These images enable the radiologist to make a diagnosis of any abnormalities. NUCLEAR MEDICINE Nuclear Medicine is the use of radionuclides in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases. The Nuclear Medicine Radiographer is a multi-skilled member of the healthcare team trained in the following aspects: the receipt, preparation, dispensing and waste disposal of radionuclides; scheduling and sequencing of nuclear medicine procedures; injecting, imaging, care and management of patients; operation and care of equipment; manipulation and presentation of data and radiation protection to patients, staff and the public. ULTRASOUND The sonographer is part of a diagnostic imaging team. He/she uses complex equipment to produce and interpret images using high frequency sound. The fields in which the sonographer can utilise his/her skills include obstetrics, gynaecology, abdominal organs, neonatal brain, as well as musculo-skeletal, blood flow studies and adult and paediatric cardiology. There is great opportunity to work abroad. RADIATION THERAPY The specialist in this field of Radiography is a member of the oncology team, who is responsible for the management of cancer. Cancer management includes all aspects of the patient's well-being. The radiographer is trained to operate complex and expensive radiotherapeutic equipment, execute treatment, administer treatment and offer psychosocial support to the patient. RADIATION LABORATORY TECHNOLOGY The Radiation Laboratory Technologist is a member of the Oncology team who is responsible for the construction and design of immobilisation and radiation protection devices needed in the radiotherapy treatment of cancer patients.

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