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Incwala dance, Lobamba

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dc.contributor.author Van Warmelo, Nicolaas Jacobus
dc.coverage.spatial Swaziland en
dc.date Digitization date: 9 May 2008 en
dc.date.accessioned 2009-07-29T05:45:53Z
dc.date.available 2009-07-29T05:45:53Z
dc.date.created 25-30 December 1931 en
dc.date.issued 2009-07-29T05:45:53Z
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0939n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0940n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0941n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0942n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0943n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0944n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0945n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0946n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0947n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0948n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0949n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0950n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0951n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0952n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0953n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0954n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0955n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0956n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0958n
dc.identifier.other B13-34-VW0959n
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10210/2761
dc.description B13-34-VW0939: Format: J-Peg; Size: 2.06MB; Dimensions: 2191 x 1644 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0940: Format: J-Peg; Size: 2.39MB; Dimensions: 2146 x 1656 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0941: Format: J-Peg; Size: 2.03MB; Dimensions: 2100 x 1519 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0942: Format: J-Peg; Size: 2.72MB; Dimensions: 2236 x 1677 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0943: Format: J-Peg; Size: 2.68MB; Dimensions: 2274 x 1675 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0944: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.88MB; Dimensions: 2113 x 1581 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0945: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.76MB; Dimensions: 1872 x 1314 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0946: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.68MB; Dimensions: 1862 x 1336 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0947: Format: J-Peg; Size: 2.51MB; Dimensions: 2268 x 1666 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0948: Format: J-Peg; Size: 2.28MB; Dimensions: 2140 x 1590 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0949: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.74MB; Dimensions: 1814 x 1293 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0950: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.85MB; Dimensions: 1868 x 1347 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0951: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.69MB; Dimensions: 1866 x 1299 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0952: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.69MB; Dimensions: 1892 x 1323 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0953: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.8MB; Dimensions: 1894 x 1299 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0954: Format: J-Peg; Size: 2.05MB; Dimensions: 2286 x 1657 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0955: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.89MB; Dimensions: 1857 x 1317 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0956: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.7MB; Dimensions: 1853 x 1349 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0958: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.71MB; Dimensions: 1847 x 1314 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi B13-34-VW0959: Format: J-Peg; Size: 1.75MB; Dimensions: 1838 x 1349 pixels; Resolution: 300ppi en
dc.description.abstract Swazi warriors dance at the Ncwala, Lobamba, Swaziland, 25-30 December 1931 en
dc.format.extent B13-34-VW0939n - B13-34-VW0944n; B13-34-VW0947n - B13-34-VW0948n; B13-34-VW0954n: 79 x 104 mm B13-34-VW0945n - B13-34-VW0946n; B13-34-VW0949n - B13-34-VW0953n; B13-34-VW0955n - B13-34-VW0956n; B13-34-VW0958n - B13-34-VW0959n: 64 x 88 mm en
dc.format.medium Black and white negative en
dc.rights University of Johannesburg en
dc.subject Swazi warriors en
dc.subject Dance en
dc.subject Ncwala en
dc.title Incwala dance, Lobamba en
dc.type Image en

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