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  • Groenewald, Hermanus Christoffel (1998-05)
    Approaches to folklore/oral forms have evolved from an interest in things (texts are included here) to an interest in process, of which performance studies is a prime example. A performance orientation seeks to restore ...
  • Mogapi, Mojaki Priscilla (1996)
    This research is based primarily on the praise-poems of the Bakwena ba Mogopa of Jericho. Other genres of verbal art of this tribe are briefly described. The study is divided into six chapters. The first chapter contains ...
  • Mogale, Wilson Marabu (1998)
    In chapter one, emphasis is placed on the usage of Northern Sotho idioms. Furthermore, the origins of these idioms are traced. An attempt is also made to define the idiom as a sub-genre of folklore. As confusion concerning ...
  • Skosana, Nomsebenzi Johanna (2002-07)
    Little research has been done regarding the copulative word group in the African languages (and in Southern Ndebele in particular). This is probably because the copulative (word group) is the most complex grammatical ...
  • Petje, Rebecca Mmasea (1998)
    The study entitled "A Survey of the Bapedi Women's Songs" entails describing the content, language, and performance of songs sung by women. The five chapters are divided as follows: The first chapter depicts the formulation ...
  • Nokaneng, Koena Porcia (1997-10)
    The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which naming is used in the development of plot structure, characterization, theme and style in Ngwana wa Mobu. This technique which is concerned with the significance ...
  • Sander, Stina (1996)
    The term locative refers to all words that have a locative meaning. They include locative nouns, i.e. nouns that belong to classes 16, 17 and 18. Locatively derived nouns, i.e. nouns to which the locative prefix and/or ...
  • Moatlhodi, Semakaleng Mirriam (1998)
    The aim of this study is to examine cultural conflict in selected novels of D.P Moloto. The aspects of culture that will receive attention in this study are as follows; kingship, marriage, religion and rituals. Conflict, ...
  • Chokoe, Sekgaila James (2000-05)
    The main aim of this thesis is to study ambiguity in Northern Sotho. Ambiguity, often referred to as 'double or multiple meaning', is, as Scheffler (1979:i) observes, "deserving of systematic study" in its own right. In ...
  • Vilakazi, Zodwa Sanie (2002)
    The practices relating to name giving for children among the Ndebele people are investigated in this study. Since it is a well-known fact that personal names in the case of the Bantu speaking people are generally ...
  • Havenga, Brenda (1988)
    Africa encompasses such a variety of languages and language types that even today linguistic science is somewhat at a loss to describe the mutual relationships between all these languages. This study is concerned with ...
  • Bushney, Melanie Jean (1986)
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  • Du Toit, Anci Cornelia (1985)
    The phonological system of Zulu does not tolerate consecutive vowels in one word while, with specific conditions, only certain consonant combinations and consonant-vowel combinations are permissible. Morphonological adjustments ...
  • Fakier, Mogamat Allie (1986)
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  • Diamond, Charmaine (1993)
    Since 1983 there has been a revival in the publication of one-act plays in Zulu. The study attempts to examine a new aspect, namely theme, in one-act plays. In order to highlight the thematic shift in one-act plays, the ...
  • Du Toit, Anci Cornelia (1994)
    The change in function of word categories is a widespread phenomenon in Zulu and can be indicated across the whole spectrum of language elements. The dynamic developing nature of the language entails that units may shift ...
  • Makhatini, Nellie Gladys (1994)
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  • Zulu, Richard Mfanuvele (1994)
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  • Mashabela, Pakeng Helton (1997)
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  • Guduvheni, Takalani Violet (1995)
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