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Department of Jewellery & Ceramic Design (ETDs)

Department of Jewellery & Ceramic Design (ETDs)


The Jewellery and Ceramic Design Department within the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture offers courses in Ceramic Design and Jewellery Design and Manufacture.

Recent Submissions

  • Boyum, Karin (1984)
    The research project attempts to fill a void by assembling data dealing with a comprehensive range of South African clay and glaze materials, suited to the needs of the studio potter, and recording test results. South ...
  • Tasker, Audrey Rita (1986)
    The motivation for this study is the idea that ceramic objects reveal processes of thought and action, form and function, within set parameters. These parameters involved the idea of harmony and balance within a piece of ...
  • Sellschop, Susan (1994)
    The research project entitled: The Analysis of Clay Materials for use in a Ceramic Studio was undertaken in order to give a quantitative base to the understanding of clay materials and their role in clay bodies. The ...
  • Legg, Michelle Jane
    The aim of the Master’s Degree: Ceramic Technology was to produce an innovative body of ceramic work, personal in concept, with reference to South African indigenous ceramics. The main objectives focused on investigating ...

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