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AGS-pastore se belewenis van die donkerkant van leierskap

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dc.contributor.advisor Dr. L.P. Maré and Mr. R.L. Niekerk en_US
dc.contributor.author Myburgh, André Johan
dc.date.accessioned 2012-09-04T12:12:01Z
dc.date.available 2012-09-04T12:12:01Z
dc.date.issued 2012-09-04
dc.date.submitted 2006
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10210/6898
dc.description M.A. en_US
dc.description.abstract Leadership failure in the church, which will be defined in the successive description, is of the order of the day. It has been recorded in the annals of church history that church leaders have failed ever since the Eden-narrative up until this day. The researcher assumed that there must be deep-seated reasons for some church leaders to fail. According to Barbara Hannah (1971:38), Robert Louis Stevenson struggled with, as he called it, "man is not truly one, but truly two" in his book, "The strange case of Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde", long before modern psychology. Here it is exactly all about that which happens consciously and that which works in the subconscious. The researcher has been involved in the AFM church as a pastor for nearly thirty years and has, through the years, been amazed at how well-meaning pastors, practically involuntarily become involved in practices foreign to ministry such as fraud and adultery, which lead to divorce, and in many cases to their ministry being terminated. Therefore he conducted interviews with ordained pastors of the AFM church with the view to determine whether a phenomenon such as a dark side, or as S.J. Jung calls it, shadow, exists which forms part of a person's composition. The question was put to the pastors as to how they experience their dark side, and without exception the interviews which were conducted during this study confirmed the existence of the dark side. en_US
dc.language.iso afr en_US
dc.subject Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa en_US
dc.subject Christian leadership en_US
dc.subject Clergy - Psychology - South Africa en_US
dc.title AGS-pastore se belewenis van die donkerkant van leierskap en_US
dc.type Mini-Dissertation en_US

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